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Lottery officials confirm $70m scam Hervey Bay Qld Australia

Too good to be true – An instagram scam, claiming to be an account of a Hervey Bay winner of 70 million dollars, is hooking followers into sharing their bank and paypal account information.


A SCAM warning is in place after a fraudster masquerading as a $70million Hervey Bay lottery winner began targeting locals online.

The Chronicle understands the scammer is attempting to capitalise on the region’s recent lucky streak where locals have taken out two major jackpots.

On Tuesday, an Instagram user by the name of Susan Croper posted a photo of a woman holding a cheque for $70 million addressed to ‘Hervey Bay grandparents’.

The photo caption read “Just about 1 year ago I walked in and collected my $70million cheque. To mark this day we would like to give something a little back to the hard workers of this lovely world”.

The fraudster continued by announcing the next 50,000 people to like, comment, share and tag Susan Croper in the picture would receive $1000 via Paypal or bank transfer.

A link was also provided in the account description which claimed to provide “proof”.

Last year, a retired Hervey Bay Couple was in fact lucky enough to take out a $70m lotto jackpot.

A Hervey Bay man won $30million last month.

But Golden Casket spokesperson, Elissa Lewis, confirmed the post was a hoax and not linked to any actual winners.

“(The grandparents) still hold the record for the largest single ticket lottery win in Australian lotto history,” Ms Lewis said.

“Unfortunately someone is trying to take credit for their profit.”

Ms Lewis said Golden Casket was working closely with Instagram, Google and Facebook to have the hoax shut down.

In the meantime, readers are being urged to remember never to pass on their personal details online.

“If anyone suspects a lottery scam they should report them to Scam Watch,” she said.

“If they think they’ve handed over personal details but aren’t sure if the party is legitimate, it becomes a legal matter and they should contact their local police.

“We just caution customers to be aware of these sorts of requests because if it seems like easy money, it is not.”


Henry Sapiecha