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Centrelink Scam phone caller Australia. Incident in Toowoomba Qld

I RECEIVED a recorded message on my answering yesterday from a person claiming to be with Centrelink informing me that I was going to receive a raise in my pension.

The person stated that since I had not replied to the supposed letter I never received, all my paper work was sent to the Canberra head office. I was supplied with an account number and an 02 phone number.

I decided to ring the number direct to find out what it was about. A man answered who spoke with an Indian accent. I asked him if he worked for Centrelink to which he replied he did.


I told him I thought it was a scam because I could distinctly hear people laughing in the background as we spoke. He replied that they were having a few drinks and would I like to join them. I immediately again told him it was a scam to which he used some colourful language and promptly hung up.

So watch it if you receive any of these phone calls.

PS. I tried to call Centrelink to report this scam but after 25 minutes of trying I gave up.


Henry Sapiecha