Suspected money laundering scheme via phone

A WOMAN in her 70s has fallen victim to a suspected money laundering scheme.

Acting Sergeant John Donaldson [Police] said the woman reported the incident with concerns.

He said the suspected scheme involved a person calling the unsuspecting person and claiming to be an internet security company representative.


Acting Sgt Donaldson said the fraudsters request remote access to their victim’s computer.

The scammer then asks for bank details in order to transfer up to $10,000 into the person’s account.

Next the victim is asked to bring their account up on their computer screen so the scammer can check the money has gone into the account.

Police said $10,000 was transferred into the woman’s account.


Due to the large amount, the woman told the scammer she was unable to complete the request.

The woman told police the “company” transferred a smaller amount into her account to assist with the withdrawal.

After depositing the money into the new bank account details supplied to her, the woman was asked to take photos of the deposit slip and receipts as proof.

“It sounded like the person she spoke to was a very slick operator,” Sgt Donaldson said.

“We just want to make people aware because this may not be just in Hervey Bay but nationwide.”

Anyone who feels they have been scammed or believes they have been groomed can report the matter to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) at


Henry Sapiecha