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Cambodian Visa Travel Scam


We leave for Cambodia in September. I applied for our eVisas through the official Cambodian Government website – The web page says it will be processed within three working days. I’ve now been waiting six weeks. Why do some take so long and is this process reliable?

DOC: Alarm bells began ringing when I read you have been waiting six weeks, so I checked the website and couldn’t log on to it.

The only official online site to apply for a tourist visa for entry to Cambodia is through the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation (

If you have handed over money to the website you mentioned, I suggest contacting your bank and have the transaction cancelled.

An official Cambodian eVisa is only valid for entry through the two international airports and a couple of main border points.

An entry visa is also normally available on arrival and at many of the land border crossings, though these have limited opening hours, so are best checked first.

If an application has been done through the official website, you should be able to check its progress.

You can simply log in via your reference number then check the application status, also download the certificate, change travel information and resubmit payment if necessary.


Henry Sapiecha